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  • She said prison overcrowding had to be managed to prevent "significant safety and human rights issues".
  • As the number of pupils increased over the years, overcrowding became a problem.
  • After that, the case of overcrowding was resolved, with many students moving to the new school.
  • The overcrowding also made the boat even more difficult to manage.
  • During his tenure, the Department started a large campaign to combat prison overcrowding.
  • The new football training room has also helped with overcrowding of classrooms.
  • She was released from jail fewer than three hours later due to overcrowding.
  • After reports of overcrowding, more than a hundred police were deployed for crowd control.
  • Local police forced the event to end early amid safety concerns, overcrowding, and one death.
  • The prison cells were designed to house one person each, however, due to overcrowding, many house two prisoners each.
  • Due to overcrowding, it was decided that the market should be expanded.
  • Quality issues such as poor teaching methods, lack of appropriate equipment and overcrowding exist throughout the region.
  • This move was made in response to an overcrowding of students at the Senior High building.
  • It has some of the most severe overcrowding in the world.
  • Overcrowding and poor maintenance took its toll a few years after opening.
  • His primary campaign issues were overcrowding and substance abuse in the school system.
  • Some years later, because of overcrowding, a new infant school building was added adjacent to the original school.
  • Towards the end of the 20th century, overcrowding became a problem.
  • The overcrowding also forces some academic classes to be held in computer labs.
  • At the same time, the city's two traditional high schools faced mounting problems with overcrowding.
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Root form of overcrowding is overcrowd for the verb.

Meaning of overcrowding

  • verb Cause to crowd together too much
    The students overcrowded the cafeteria
  • verb Crowd together too much