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  • Info According to the World Health Organisation, overcrowding refers to the situation in which more people are living within a single dwelling than there is space for, so that movement is restricted, privacy secluded, hygiene impossible, rest and sleep difficult. more...
  • Because of high school overcrowding, not all students are allowed to park at the school.
  • After the school experienced overcrowding the present day middle school was built as the high school.
  • After overcrowding yet again the High School was moved to its present location.
  • After serving two weeks in prison, he was released due to overcrowding.
  • Despite the new buildings, overcrowding continued to be a problem at the high school.
  • The city passed new fire laws to prevent the overcrowding of buildings.
  • As the community continued to grow in population, overcrowding became a common problem.
  • The decision is based on numerous cases of overcrowding by people who were not originally invited.
  • Although a major change for the district, it was a necessary one for overcrowding and class size issues.
  • One of the issues the line has had has been overcrowding.
  • This overcrowding is also due to the fact that poor families do not have access to birth control.
  • There are eight cell blocks but only three are being used which has caused overcrowding.
  • These refugee schools face similar problems to public schools in terms of overcrowding.
  • Because of overcrowding, she was released from jail on the same day she entered.
  • Larger than expected numbers turned up and were locked out of the event, due to overcrowding.
  • This is done to prevent the overcrowding of one zone during peak hours.
  • It was initially founded out of concerns of overcrowding in the public schools.
  • After the permanent building opened, the school became so popular that it was facing overcrowding within a year.
  • Overcrowding has been an issue at the prison ever since.
  • Those who could not get into the church due to overcrowding stood in the street with candles.
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Root form of overcrowding is overcrowd for the verb.

Meaning of overcrowding

  • verb Cause to crowd together too much
    The students overcrowded the cafeteria
  • verb Crowd together too much