overcast my

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  • It did not overcast my friendship for you, as I think the last years have shown. Cited from Eminent Victorians, by Lytton Strachey
  • For when the drought has parched the field, The clouds that overcast my heart Shall rain in every season yield. Cited from Moorish Literature, by Anonymous
  • Lord, forbid that I should overcast my life with intentions, and neglect to put in the deeds. Cited from Leaves of Life, by Margaret Bird Steinmetz
  • The dread of her being already disposed of intervened, and overcast my enchanting reverie! Cited from The Adventures of Roderick Random, Smollett
  • I felt that I ought to have kissed his hand -- that he had indicated precisely the future that I most desired; and yet there was within me a vague feeling, akin to suspicion -- akin to dismay which chilled and overcast my soul. Cited from Uncle Silas, by J. S. LeFanu