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  • How suddenly things are overcast, and how suddenly the sun can break out again! Cited from The Journal of Sir Walter Scott, by Walter Scott
  • The sky was so overcast that night came two hours earlier than usual. Cited from Library of the World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories, by Hawthorne
  • But why is your head so low, sweet heart, And why are your eyes overcast? Cited from The Poems of Henry Van Dyke, by Henry Van Dyke
  • Overcast sky and good surface till now, when sun shows again. Cited from Scott's Last Expedition Volume I, by Captain R. F. Scott
  • Last night during the whole night the sky was completely overcast and close, this morning the same. Cited from McKinlay's Journal of Exploration. . .Australia, by John McKinlay
  • The future was overcast all at once, like the summer sky by a heavy storm. Cited from Debit and Credit, by Gustav Freytag
  • Periods of overcast weather can range from a few hours to several days.
  • The weather, however was frequently overcast and heavy rain and wind were common.
  • In a short time the sky became overcast, and there was no moon. Cited from The Junior Classics, V8, Edited by W. Patten
  • The overcast proved to reach almost to the level of the sea.
  • Fog and low overcast are common, especially during the night and early morning hours.
  • Since that time the morning sky of their friendship had been overcast. Cited from Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia, by L. Muhlbach
  • Fog and low overcast are common throughout the year, particularly during the summer months.
  • When the sky was not overcast the sun was very hot, and we spread out everything to dry. Cited from Through the Brazilian Wilderness, by Theodore Roosevelt
  • It did not seem like summer with the sky all overcast with clouds. Cited from Georgina of the Rainbows,by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • Most of the day it has been overcast, but to-night it has cleared again. Cited from Scott's Last Expedition Volume I, by Captain R. F. Scott
  • The wind was from the north-east and the sky much overcast. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in 1850-51, Volume 1, by James Richardson
  • I add that the night is dark, the sky overcast, no moon, no stars. Cited from The Adventures of a Special Correspondent, by Jules Verne
  • The night fell overcast and very dark, and we lost sight of the stranger altogether. Cited from A Middy in Command, by Harry Collingwood
  • In this way, the plant can also produce electricity at night or on overcast days.
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Meaning of overcast

  • noun A long whipstitch or overhand stitch overlying an edge to prevent raveling
  • noun A cast that falls beyond the intended spot
  • verb Make overcast or cloudy
    Fall weather often overcasts our beaches
  • verb Sew over the edge of with long slanting wide stitches
  • verb Sew with an overcast stitch from one section to the next
    overcast books