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  • Canada won its third consecutive gold medal and thirty-fourth overall gold medal.
  • Sometimes the overall state of technology is described as a factor of production.
  • It now has an overall area of, and measures about east-west and north-south.
  • Overall these reviews were more positive than the reviews she received for her later work.
  • The award goes to the player who receives the most overall points.
  • It does not affect the overall risk of death in either men or women.
  • The industry side effect is an overall drop in revenue and service quality.
  • The designer can then include these effects into the overall performance of the final circuit.
  • It resulted in their increased share in the overall composition of the camp prisoners.
  • Significantly, the bill set no overall cost limit for the building program.
  • The Minister for Health has responsibility for setting overall health service policy.
  • All this had been brought to him by a few days in overalls. Cited from Youth Challenges, by Clarence B Kelland
  • Some are to guide the overall goal of the design.
  • Overall, the city is relatively flat, and the lowest point is above sea level.
  • This results in coffee with good, heavy body and a sweet overall impression.
  • Records in the playoffs are also included in the overall win-loss-tie records presented.
  • The overall infrastructure is well developed which allows many users to experience good quality services throughout the country.
  • These primary industries are increasingly becoming less important to the overall economy.
  • It is more common in males than females with the overall difference being small.
  • We carried our prison overalls with us, as we planned to make use of them later on. Cited from Into the Jaws of Death, by Jack O'Brien
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Meaning of overall

  • noun (usually plural) work clothing consisting of denim trousers (usually with a bib and shoulder straps)
  • noun A loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work