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  • Cast - turn outward and dance up or down outside the set, as directed.
  • An example of a physical change is a change in the outward appearance.
  • We are just like straight people, in terms of our outward appearance and our behavior.
  • The outward appearance of the School and the group work can change according to the circumstances.
  • An Outward Bound centre can also be found within the national park.
  • The playing field was lowered by about seven feet and moved outward slightly.
  • She made no outward sign of a change of religion.
  • Will he at least free me from the embarrassment caused by these outward signs?
  • As residents of a city become more affluent they move outward from the city center.
  • They become an ideal couple, at least to all outward appearance.
  • If they fall outward, this structure can also appear to have exploded.
  • When stars are born, their birth is accompanied by a strong outward wind of gas and dust.
  • Schelling at all stages of his thought called to his aid outward forms of some other system.
  • Avoid over reaching, since the outward reach is always tied to the inner core.
  • Don't all of us feel, despite outward imperfections, that deep inside we're good?
  • Within the central idea of the octagonal plan, these houses show a wide variety of both construction and outward form.
  • But none of these people are considered by outward society to be failures.
  • It was regarded as a significant outward and visible sign that British rule was ending.
  • The outward-bent portion of the tube, including its edge, is slightly further out.
  • These models outward appearance is distinguished by engine side covers.
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Meaning of outward

  • adjective Relating to physical reality rather than with thoughts or the mind
    a concern with outward beauty rather than with inward reflections
  • adverb Toward the outside
    move the needle further outward!