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  • Info "Outstanding" is a song originally performed by The Gap Band and written by member Raymond Calhoun. more...
  • While limited in numbers, the on-field performance of early black major league players was outstanding.
  • This work has been described as an outstanding instance of pre-19th century program music.
  • She is considered to be an outstanding example of a life dedicated to God.
  • Her outstanding performance won her the attention of producers, who cast her in a series of films.
  • His early education was in small private schools where he demonstrated outstanding talent and interest in science.
  • These people have made outstanding historical contributions to systems and control.
  • Although only in his mid-thirties, his students described him as an outstanding teacher.
  • These are in truth the outstanding problems of modern philosophy.
  • They provided outstanding falcons to the emperor when he went to hunt every fall.
  • For his outstanding contributions in the design, construction, and performance of ships.
  • It may also be awarded for outstanding achievement in a particular field.
  • First of all, outstanding land claims had to be settled.
  • In addition, their singles continued to find outstanding chart success.
  • This will eventually result in a decrease in the amount of these notes outstanding.
  • He was also unable to direct the research of graduate students, except for the occasional outstanding one.
  • The Royal Collection has an outstanding collection of his works.
  • This year, it won an award for most outstanding media department within the entire country of the United Kingdom.
  • It is given every three years for outstanding work in the field of entomology.
  • Many outstanding scholars since then have re-examined the question and come to the same conclusion.
  • Created four years before his death, it serves as an outstanding example of European baroque art.
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