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  • When the outsides got as far as the back, they did not pass. Cited from The White Feather,byP. G. Wodehouse
  • Why do we all try to make our outsides beautiful? Cited from This Is the End, by Stella Benson
  • But you never can tell about people from their outsides. Cited from Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • Rock-fill was placed in between and on the outsides of these walls for support.
  • And their outsides aren't so very bad, if you come to think of it. Cited from Tales of St. Austin's, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • This is because minor roads usually connect to the outsides of two-way roads.
  • All the School outsides had scored, even the back, who dropped a neat goal. Cited from Tales of St. Austin's, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • I like to laugh my outsides in every time I tink about it. Cited from Standard Selections, ed. by Fulton, Trueblood and Trueblood
  • The nation had learned to content itself with a religion which told little, or not at all, on the outsides of things. Cited from Imaginary Portraits, Walter Horatio Pater
  • She had made the discovery lately that you could not judge people by their outsides, or even by what others said of them. Cited from Susan, by Amy Walton
  • "And when we did let it out, the outsides nearly always mucked it." Cited from The Gold Bat, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • From that community only about 30 young people work on outsides their village on labor work like road, house construction etc.
  • I can't be content with the outsides of the books I bind. Cited from There & Back, by George MacDonald
  • Skeleton is what you have left when you take a man's insides out and his outsides off. Cited from Toaster's Handbook, compiled by Peggy Edmund & Harold W. Williams
  • The next grade has put together four outsides (running). Cited from The American Missionary, Vol. 43, No. 7, July, 1889, by Various
  • The width of this piece throughout to be a half inch less than the outsides were cut. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 561, October 2, 1886, by Various
  • If our outsides are sometimes rough, all within is smooth and polished as the best of work. Cited from Poems, by George P. Morris
  • Let us not build outsides which have no insides, let us not put a face upon things which has no reality behind it. Cited from Debate On Woman Suffrage In The Senate, by Henry W. Blair et al.
  • But if the insides of things are real, so also are the outsides. Cited from Humanly Speaking, by Samuel McChord Crothers
  • I am in Space, and look down upon the insides of the things of which you only see the outsides. Cited from Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott
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Root form of outsides is outside for the noun.

How outsides gets used

Meaning of outsides

  • noun The region that is outside of something
  • noun The outer side or surface of something