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  • The meeting would look and sound to outsiders like a private or family party.
  • The church then became much less visible to outsiders for the next half-century.
  • At first they revealed that the title Outsiders was considered before the current title was decided upon.
  • This is because they have better information than most outsiders about the design of their hardware.
  • It was not until the mid-20th century that they came into regular contact with outsiders.
  • And establish myself within a community that were all essentially outsiders like myself.
  • Poland appeared in these films mostly through the eyes of European outsiders.
  • The dining hall is perhaps the best known part of the building to outsiders.
  • They are usually on the move and have little contact with outsiders.
  • The language is known by several names to both its speakers and outsiders.
  • To date, fourteen have done so, although mainly on outsiders with little chance of winning.
  • When they find her, they hide her away for several months (outsiders may visit, however).
  • They were afraid to do so, however, because of the influence of the outsiders living in the village.
  • The name is primarily applied by outsiders rather than the natives themselves.
  • They are outsiders and involved in agriculture as well as small business in the villages.
  • A conflict grew due to this invasion a conflict took place between these outsiders and natives.
  • However, it is revealed that his desire to join the Outsiders comes from his desire for a family.
  • Most outsiders are only aware about this part of the city when they think of Sugar Land.
  • A plan to destroy a railroad bridge was abandoned due to the presence of outsiders.
  • By that time, the differences between Friends were quite clear, to each other if not always to outsiders.
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Root form of outsiders is outsider for the noun.

Meaning of outsiders

  • noun A contestant (human or animal) not considered to have a good chance to win