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  • There were regular open air outreaches every Sunday afternoon and evening for many years.
  • Since then, the Foundation has promoted its goals through a number of events and outreaches.
  • They hold in- and out-campus outreaches, usually before the Christmas season.
  • The outreaches not only provide basic health services, but also a platform on which all the community programs begin.
  • The album included songs drawn from among those she sang with her family in their evangelistic outreaches.
  • They were also in demand with churches all over the UK who would book them to play at youth events and outreaches.
  • As the movement expanded, additional mission outreaches and training conferences took place.
  • For some members common life extends to working together in community sponsored businesses and outreaches.
  • The church has outreaches across the entire country.
  • Beginning together, the latter far outreaches the former. Cited from The Destiny of the Soul, by William Rounseville Alger
  • It goes as far as the Outreaches, where a lot of ships get stuck.
  • Special holiday gift-giving outreaches and values-formation summer camps form part of the program.
  • One of the outreaches of Grace that began during the early 1950s was a weekly radio program.
  • Outreaches included opening-air singing and playing hymns along the local residential streets while carrying around the heavy church organ for music.
  • In the next few years, additional mission outreaches and training conferences took place as the movement expanded to many more campuses.
  • CYT has also done outreaches to Japan and hopes to start a location in Japan soon.
  • Voice for Life collaborates youth-based pro-life groups on workshops and outreaches.
  • "Upon my word, your morality almost outreaches your mysticism!" he said. Cited from Ziska, by Marie Corelli
  • Education services have expanded to off-site presentations and outreaches.
  • He has organized outreaches in the local community that have reached the attention of The Washington Missourian.
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Root form of outreaches is outreach for the noun.

Meaning of outreaches

  • noun The act of reaching out
    the outreach toward truth of the human spirit