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  • He also serves as a community outreach executive for the team.
  • These land grant schools continue to receive annual federal funding for their research, extension and outreach activities.
  • The University operates several service and outreach stations spread across the state.
  • They hold in- and out-campus outreaches, usually before the Christmas season.
  • They are primarily responsible for the church's missionary outreach and field administration.
  • The outreaches not only provide basic health services, but also a platform on which all the community programs begin.
  • The parish supports many forms of community outreach and social justice ministry.
  • VVAF's community follow-up and outreach teams bring assistance to people where they live.
  • The theatre extends their programming in various arts outreach programs throughout the valley and surrounding areas.
  • It is also in the process of setting up a community choir outreach project.
  • The team also conducted community outreach by meeting with needy children throughout Europe.
  • The village has also played host to a series of annual Christian outreach programmes in recent years.
  • Fulani has worked on a number of community outreach and youth development projects.
  • The teaching centres conduct outreach programs to reach out to the public at large.
  • It has active programs for youth, music, education, community outreach, and missions.
  • This staff carries out essential work in the areas of training, research and outreach.
  • The village also is home to village shop and Outreach Post Office.
  • Additionally, the department operates outreach programs to high school and college students.
  • Today he is also involved in community outreach, dance instruction and dance theater productions.
  • The hospital has an outreach vehicle taking family planning services to outlying areas.
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Meaning of outreach

  • noun The act of reaching out
    the outreach toward truth of the human spirit