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  • Either their officers lost all control over them, or else they directed these outrages. Cited from The Philippines: Past and Present (Vol. 1 of 2), by Dean C. Worcester
  • The people were so outraged that they took their case directly to the senate.
  • Local communities were outraged by the fact he passed over a local firm for large national companies.
  • They knew that such things -- such outrages upon law and justice -- were common. Cited from Thirty Years a Slave, by Louis Hughes
  • If you do not stand like men against these cruel outrages what have you to hope for? Cited from Helen of the Old House, by Harold Bell Wright
  • Michael was outraged at first and even drew up legal papers for her to sign.
  • Probably the laws of England, if called upon, would protect them against such outrages. Cited from France and the Republic, by William Henry Hurlbert
  • The action caused an outrage both in the American military and public.
  • These outrages upon language were committed without regard to time and place. Cited from The Dramatic Works of John Dryden, Vol. I, ed. by Sir Walter Scott
  • Due to national outrage, he removed the act from the second concert.
  • But people who may or may not have seen the show expressed their outrage in letters to the government.
  • They wanted to use their art in order to express political outrage and encourage political action.
  • When councils have removed his works, they have been met by public outrage.
  • Who was responsible for these outrages, and how long will the world permit them to continue? Cited from With Our Soldiers in France, by Sherwood Eddy
  • The Pennsylvania Assembly was outraged when they learned what their governor had done.
  • I suppose you have had a share in those outrages in the city churches? Cited from Master Olof, by August Strindberg
  • Following this thought came fury at the man who was so outraging her. Cited from The Heart of the Desert, by Honore' Willsie Morrow
  • I remember being outraged by reports coming from the far east.
  • We cannot hope that any machinery will completely stop outrages at once. Cited from Indian speeches (1907-1909), by John Morley (AKA Viscount Morley)
  • The group was outraged over the president's decision to make peace with Israel.
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Meaning of outrage

  • noun A wantonly cruel act