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  • Such is the outline of his own account of his early life.
  • He outlined six stories for this film series, but none were ever made.
  • He has written an article outlining his of being part of the design team.
  • In their report they outlined the system that would be built almost exactly.
  • An outline of this second approach is given in a separate section below.
  • The number on the back is in navy blue with white and red outline.
  • The following list outlines the military service of each president before becoming the commander in chief.
  • He also outlined a research program carried out by many others.
  • He saw a very bright light and what appeared to be the outline of a city.
  • He has published many books and journal articles outlining his research in this field.
  • She wrote to a friend outlining her situation, and asked if she should join the band.
  • The outline did not change over the course of its production.
  • It is still possible to see the outlines of some from the air.
  • The characters in the series lost their black outlines over time, and were later drawn entirely without them.
  • This section provides a very brief outline of some of the major figures and events in its development.
  • The outline of the tower is clearly seen from many places in the city.
  • The minister moving the third reading may also make a speech outlining the changes made to the bill.
  • I am in agreement with the part outlining the economic and political situation of the country.
  • Evidence of the walls can be found in the street names outlining the central part of the city.
  • Debate over the next ten days developed an agreed general outline for the Constitution.
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Meaning of outline

  • noun The line that appears to bound an object
  • noun A sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory
  • noun A schematic or preliminary plan