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  • For example, local schools near Ouston may host dance, or sporting activities provided by a local community centre.
  • Ouston is a quiet village with only one main road through it, which even at busy times of the day is still quiet.
  • Nevertheless, some of the officials went to the other Ouston first.
  • There are regular bus routes through Ouston with the Go North East bus company.
  • Standing in Urpeth's only play park, one cannot see Ouston as there is a hill which blocks the view.
  • Its Spitfires returned to Edinburgh five weeks later and a further month was spent at Ouston during the early Summer.
  • Ouston lies near the course of Hadrian's Wall, probably the most noted Roman monument in Britain.
  • Ouston Junior School was opened in December, 1964 and is often the venue for local cross country events.
  • Construction work proceeded slowly because of the inaccessibility of the area and some opposition from agricultural interests, although the land at Ouston was hardly of the first quality.
  • For other places with this name, see Ouston (disambiguation).
  • In mid-November, he was posted to Ouston near Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he trained in the used of radar.
  • Geographically Urpeth is situated to the west of Ouston and is surrounded by fields and rolling hills.
  • It is situated a short distance from Ouston and Beamish.
  • However, on a trip back to Ouston to visit their colleagues, a night of drunken revelry led to property damage and injury to another airman.
  • This hill was formed from the coal spoils from both the Ouston and Urpeth colliery's.
  • It served at various times as a satellite of both RAF Acklington and RAF Ouston but saw little operational flying.
  • Interestingly, several areas of England have Arisaig as the street names, such as in Ouston, County Durham.
  • The unit closed in mid 1966 and the radars moved to RAF Ouston in Northumberland.
  • Ouston's rullies [carts] to bolt, running over the cart driver.
  • In mid-November he was posted to Ouston near Newcastle-upon-Tyne where he was trained in the use of radar using Anson and Oxford aircraft.
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