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  • For the same monster, ousters gain more experience points out of them than vampires do even when drinking their blood.
  • Ousters just have to kill to gain these points.
  • During that period, vampires are at their weakest and slayers and ousters have the upper hand on them.
  • The Consul left shortly and joined the Ousters.
  • Even worse, the Ousters have long been obsessed with Hyperion, and their invasion there is imminent.
  • This time effect doesn't concern ousters vs slayers fights but it does with monsters who are considered "vampires".
  • Later, an ancient race of people known as the Ousters awakens from their long sleep and are shocked to see what the vampires and humans have done to Helea.
  • Here, he claims to be an artist attached to Gladstone's staff in an attempt to provide an artistic view of the beginning of the war for Hyperion, which is under attack by the Ousters.
  • After being injured by a boobytrap, a recuperating Kassad is placed on a Hegemony medical ship, which is attacked by Ousters.
  • The Ousters have rarely fought full-scale conflicts with the Hegemony, but are launching an invasion of Hyperion at the time of the novel.
  • The Hegemony is opposed by the Ousters, renegade human colonies that fled the Hegemony's growing influence even before the events of the Hegira.
  • The story concludes several months later; the worst of the chaos caused by the fall has abated, and Hyperion is flourishing again, with former Hegemony citizens and Ousters co-existing.
  • Though seen by many Hegemony citizens as barbarians, the Ousters have a highly advanced culture that focuses primarily on the fine arts and on aesthetic values almost unknown amidst the many technologies of the WorldWeb.
  • The game has a horror theme based on a war between humans (Slayers), vampires and Ousters in a region called Helea located in a fictional country of Eastern Europe known as Eslania.
  • Unfortunately, the Pax discovers them, and Raul and Aenea, along with their close friends are forced to flee, taking refuge with the Ousters on the edge of civilized space.
  • Suddenly, while touring several farcaster-connected worlds between meetings, Gladstone is informed that the Ousters have counterattacked, attacking the WorldWeb itself in an unprecedented and unexpected move that appeared impossible.
  • Finally, the periods comprised between 5h - 8h59 and 17h - 20h59 are the transition time during which slayers, ousters and vampires fight on the same ground.
  • Similar ousters of British power in other areas, led to the formation of similar Parallel Governments in Midnapore in West Bengal and Purnia in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Ousters have mutated physically, believing that they should adapt to their outer-space surroundings rather than adapt the surroundings themselves, as was the case with WorldWeb planets, and appear in a variety of forms throughout the course of the novel.
  • After a fight with the Ousters, Kassad hijacks the Ouster shuttle and crashes it onto a planet he learns to be Hyperion.
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Root form of ousters is ouster for the noun.

Meaning of Ousters

  • noun A person who ousts or supplants someone else
  • noun A wrongful dispossession
  • noun The act of ejecting someone or forcing them out