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  • News of her ouster only became public several months later.
  • Since the ouster as President of his father he lives in Russia.
  • The track's lyrics were inspired by her ouster as a co-host on the Today show.
  • November 2013 saw the beginning of a series of events that led to his ouster as president.
  • Shortly after his ouster, he was appointed to the California Post Secondary Education Commission.
  • According to some media reports, the ouster was carried out due to pressure from Azad.
  • He allowed no prevention of his ouster and did not support any attempt to restore the monarchy.
  • After the election, voices within the party openly called for Clark's ouster.
  • The press reported that his multi-media strategy conflicted with existing plans for the company, leading to his ouster.
  • Their split eventually resulted in her ouster from that position by Fowler.
  • The capital moved back to the city of Tlaxcala after the ouster of the French.
  • Soon after his ouster, the same charges were filed against him at the Sandiganbayan.
  • Many fans called for Brennan's ouster, but the young coach was retained.
  • Hood stated that his ouster came as a shock to him.
  • Hood stated his ouster and replacement came as a shock to him.
  • Previous director Julius Shuchat had been very popular, and his ouster caused several members to go on strike.
  • Over the years, since his ouster from power in 1979, the facilities went into disrepair.
  • Things are said to have gone wrong following the ouster of Morsi regarding police reforms.
  • Further, the political branches of government may seek to limit judicial review through the use of ouster clauses.
  • His eviction from the council was required under state law; his former colleagues then passed a resolution celebrating his ouster.
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Meaning of ouster

  • noun A person who ousts or supplants someone else
  • noun A wrongful dispossession
  • noun The act of ejecting someone or forcing them out