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  • After being ousted from government he became leader of the opposition.
  • Workers gradually returned to work or were ousted from their plants by the police.
  • He was ill received by his new subjects and within a few months he was ousted by a revolution.
  • A year later, however, he was ousted from his position.
  • That is why I stood against him and ousted him.
  • The left-wing government was ousted with a vote of no confidence.
  • The area first came under the control of the Spanish, who were then ousted by the Dutch.
  • Many students thought his remarks were offensive and he was ousted by a vote in under one week.
  • However, they were soon ousted by the state forces.
  • Richard II of England stayed there before being ousted from power.
  • West Germany was already ousted in the group stage.
  • This led to Peter Sinfield being ousted following the band's next tour.
  • He served only until August 2003 when he was ousted in a non-confidence measure.
  • Eventually, Edward was ousted from store management, but retained an office and the title of President.
  • He was ousted in a military coup before taking power.
  • He initially ousted her, but the High Court subsequently ruled in Speed's favour.
  • This was the first and last successful agitation after Independence of India that ousted an elected government.
  • Since the Taliban regime was ousted, the game is now being played again.
  • Vieira returned to power in 2005 six years after being ousted from office during a civil war.
  • The pastor resigned and the ousted church members were allowed to return.
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Root form of ousted is oust for the verb.

Meaning of ousted

  • verb Remove from a position or office
    The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds
  • verb Remove and replace
    The word processor has ousted the typewriter