oust John

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  • At his later Court Martial statements were made that Courlander was seeking to oust John Amery and take over control of the Corp.
  • Several campaigns to oust John Tory as leader of the party, most notably by a party activist group led by former party president Rueben Devlin called Grassroots PC.
  • As governor, Mrs. Ferguson was able to pack the board of regents and oust John from his job as editor of the Alcade, which during his tenure was a 100-page long publication.
  • He scored six times in fourteen games for Arsenal in the 1910-11 season but was once again dropped at the start of the following season, unable to oust John Chalmers and Charles Randall from the front line.
  • However, Chrysler tried to oust John Willys with an attempted takeover bid that backfired when the shareholders resisted his move and Chrysler left in 1921 to go into business for himself.
  • She was reportedly part of a plot to oust John Bercow from the Speaker's chair in the run up to the 2010 general election, and, after the election, sent an email to all new MPs advocating his removal.
  • Steve Jobs attempted management coups twice at Apple Inc.; first in 1985 when he unsuccessfully tried to oust John Sculley and then again in 1997, which successfully forced Gil Amelio to resign.