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  • We had a good friend of ours pass away since the last record.
  • Do you mean to tell me that his is a different love to ours? Cited from French and Oriental Love in a Harem, by Mario Uchard
  • Because your blood is not made of gold and ours made of water.
  • By my power, your country is now mine but you are still ours.
  • From the moment that another life has any empire on ours, peace is gone. Cited from Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos of Ouida, by Ouida
  • The ship was ours, but we had still a good deal to do. Cited from Ben Burton, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • The history of the world without iron followed a completely different path from ours.
  • The women talk a language in many ways like ours, only different. Cited from A Son Of The Sun, by Jack London
  • But I would have you know the difference between your loss and ours.
  • Ours is the only example in recent history where a whole people have been so treated.
  • He put down his book and held out his hand to shake ours. Cited from Peter Trawl, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • If we did not like her looks, she evidently did not like ours. Cited from Hurricane Hurry, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Is not that especially likely to occur under such a form of government as ours? Cited from On the Firing Line in Education, by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  • Is that poor daughter of ours likely to come round soon? Cited from Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • It is of the living we must think, and this cause of ours. Cited from The Long Roll, by Mary Johnston
  • But we will fight to protect what is ours, what we love.
  • How rapid the changes which are taking place in this world of ours! Cited from By Canoe and Dog-Train, by Egerton Ryerson Young
  • We shall not approach their lines, and if they do ours, it must cost them dear. Cited from The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn, by Henry P. Johnston
  • Let one spot in this grand country of ours be saved from change.
  • Medical shows are hard, and it was hard trying to figure out where ours could be different.
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