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  • These may not have unit length, and may also not be orthogonal.
  • The buildings on the site were built orthogonal to each other.
  • In particular, the idea of an orthogonal family of functions has meaning.
  • The term "orthogonal line" often has a quite different meaning in the literature of modern art criticism.
  • If possible, the piece can continue to capture in any (orthogonal) direction.
  • When the characteristic of the field is not two, V always has an orthogonal basis.
  • The five factor model in particular has been criticized for losing the orthogonal structure between factors.
  • Starting with a stone, continue in any orthogonal direction until an unclaimed stone is reached.
  • Two simple roots which are not joined by a line are orthogonal.
  • When using distance metrics care should be taken to use an orthogonal and significant vector space.
  • A simple (non-orthogonal) contrast is the difference between two means.
  • The material to be used for the building construction was concrete and the general plan was an orthogonal frame.
  • All lines are orthogonal, therefore, all movements are left, right, forward, and backwards.
  • For orthogonal designs, the estimates for the previously included terms do not change as additional terms are added.
  • The classical town was planned according to the orthogonal system.
  • The second is an orthogonal line passing through the centroid of the chosen face.
  • All degrees of freedom are orthogonal when the robot is in a standing position.
  • We now turn to the action of the orthogonal group on the spinors.
  • Note: You cannot distinguish between non-orthogonal states, if you only have a small amount of identical states.
  • These four lines provide six points of intersection of which two points occur at line intersections that are orthogonal.
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