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  • It has been introduced to many parts of the world as an ornamental plant.
  • Some species are of economic importance either for the wood they produce or as ornamental plants.
  • There are also a variety of beautiful species of ornamental flowers and plants.
  • The plant was introduced to many countries due to its ornamental purposes.
  • In building the house I selected the spot with a view of making ornamental water.
  • They are also grown as an ornamental tree as well as for their fruit.
  • Four of these were introduced for hunting or ornamental purposes but one has now apparently died out.
  • Both of these species are grown in their native regions as ornamentals.
  • The script soon fell out of use and is now only used for ornamental purposes.
  • They are popular ornamental plants grown for their winter or early spring flowering.
  • The three main features of the piece are the foundation stone, the main body, and the ornamental top.
  • It is grown both as a food plant and an ornamental plant.
  • She also has several varieties of ornamental plants named after her.
  • They designed all of the ornamental buildings in the park.
  • In other areas they are usually grown as ornamentals, rather than for consumption.
  • He also placed several ornamental fountains around the park, of which three are still in place.
  • The plant was originally brought to Europe as an ornamental plant during the 18th century.
  • The blue, white or pink flowers appear early in the year making them valuable garden ornamentals.
  • This has killed many of the larger plants in the wild and also restricted its use as an ornamental tree.
  • Both channels head towards the first ornamental lake supplied by the river.
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Meaning of ornamental

  • noun Any plant grown for its beauty or ornamental value