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  • The origin of the name of the river is not clear.
  • Another origin of Japanese department store is that from railway company.
  • The remaining material, known as the L source, is of unknown origin and date.
  • The last element made it the origin of the classical theatre of later times.
  • Some of the origins of the class names are known, some are not.
  • Debates about the nature and origin of language goes back to the ancient world.
  • Other large ethnic groups include those of British and other European origin.
  • The origin of this convention has not yet been settled.
  • See list of English words of Japanese origin for more.
  • The state has numerous place names of Native American origin.
  • Hymns and other forms of religious music are often of traditional and unknown origin.
  • Several other fast days of ancient or medieval origin continue to be observed to some degree in modern times.
  • This is in part due to the significant number of people of Indian origin living in the UK.
  • No one could remember why these names were used because no one remembered human origins on Earth.
  • Claims about his origin are made by many ethnic groups.
  • Her one route of social mobility out of her working-class origin was through the traditional way of marriage.
  • His pride in his working class origins never left him.
  • Among the first things that children born in the camps learn is the name of their village of origin.
  • Names and their origins can be broken up into a relatively small number of categories.
  • He often referred to his own humble origins, taking up the causes of poor people.
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Meaning of origin

  • noun Properties attributable to your ancestry
    he comes from good origins
  • noun An event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events
  • noun The point of intersection of coordinate axes; where the values of the coordinates are all zero
  • noun The source of something's existence or from which it derives or is derived
    the rumor had its origin in idle gossip, vegetable origins, mineral origin, origin in sensation