ordered to evacuate

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  • When ordered to evacuate the island he did so, bringing off everything without the loss of a man. Cited from History of Kershaw's Brigade, by D. Augustus Dickert
  • The officer was ordered to evacuate his house by July that year.
  • She was far more worried over the possible order to evacuate than she would admit. Cited from Lucia Rudini, by Martha Trent
  • Hundreds of thousands of others were also ordered to evacuate across mainly the west side of Japan.
  • During the day's fighting, some units had become isolated and never received the order to evacuate.
  • They were ordered to evacuate all but the Berlin position at the end of May.
  • She and the others obeyed his order to evacuate to the coast.
  • The staff was then ordered to evacuate all emergency room patients to the parking lot outside the hospital.
  • About ten minutes later, the tank landing ships received orders to evacuate all hands save skeleton crews.
  • Prior to making landfall, thousands of people were ordered to evacuate from cities along coastal regions.
  • All military personnel are ordered to evacuate the base.
  • Much signals equipment was lost during the fighting, and some had to be destroyed following the order to evacuate Greece.
  • The Duke of York was ordered to evacuate the country. Cited from The Story of Isaac Brock, by Walter R. Nursey
  • Residents living on the barrier island and in manufactured homes were ordered to evacuate.
  • The message had come from General Lee of the order to evacuate Richmond! Cited from Ten American Girls From History, by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
  • When the city was ordered to evacuate, most of the citizens fled to nearby Waynesville.
  • In September, the regiment was ordered to evacuate this position, and moved into Chattanooga.
  • Two IAF helicopters were called to the scene in order to evacuate those wounded.
  • On the next morning he gave the order to evacuate Madisonville, there being only eight men left on shore and all were either wounded or ill.
  • The army said that protesters defied its orders to evacuate the area.
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