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  • Three of his later books have been optioned for feature film development.
  • Two other books have been optioned for films, but they have not been produced.
  • It has since been optioned again by an independent production company.
  • However, he was optioned a few days afterward without getting into a game.
  • A third party production company and studio then optioned the series, respectively.
  • Death Becomes Them has been optioned for a television show by a well-known producer.
  • The book has been optioned to become a motion picture through Focus Features.
  • At the same time I received word that a treatment I had written had been optioned.
  • He was optioned the following day without making an appearance.
  • The rights holder can then put the previously-optioned rights up for sale again.
  • These models are quite rare, and much is still unknown about how many were built or how they were optioned.
  • After the success of his first two works, it was released as a novel and has also been optioned as a film.
  • Tribe has been optioned as a live action film and animated series.
  • Both have won awards as scripts, however none have so far lead to being optioned.
  • No information has been released on whether Drakon has been optioned though.
  • Many of his popular novel series have been optioned for movies.
  • His books have been translated into seven languages, and three have been optioned for movies.
  • He made seven starts at third base before being optioned to Triple-A.
  • This series has also been optioned for a film.
  • He was later optioned to Fresno when no other team claimed him.
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