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  • More recently the same idea has been taken into the theory of optimal control.
  • In two-person play, the first player will win if there are two optimal players.
  • Later in his career he worked in optimal control theory.
  • Thus this study suggests that full sleep may not be important for optimal performance of memory.
  • It is clear that the resulting cover is at most twice as large as the optimal one.
  • They apparently use this behavior to move to an optimal level in soil.
  • Given an optimal group size, the overall process could be very efficient.
  • It was evident that they knew where the optimal course lay, even if the humans did not.
  • Finally, branch and bound methods can be used to return multiple optimal solutions.
  • These factors are used to determine the optimal level of health that an individual will demand.
  • At least one study of problem-solving in groups showed an optimal size of groups at four members.
  • Deep-ocean water can be combined with surface water to deliver water at an optimal temperature.
  • At each level of income level, say m, there would an optimal choice for each of the goods.
  • The resulting proof gives an optimal strategy for every possible position on the board.
  • The Smith set provides one standard of optimal choice for an election outcome.
  • As a result, the socially optimal production level would be lower than that observed.
  • As a result, the socially optimal production level would be greater than that observed.
  • However, a rational person only acts according to the rule if it is optimal for them.
  • In each of these areas, there is considerable debate as to the optimal treatment.
  • However larger and longer studies are needed to establish long-term safety and optimal dosing.
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