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  • Free-space optical communications are also used every day in various applications.
  • These times only include the actual optical writing pass over the disc.
  • An optical effect might be used to place actors or sets against a different background.
  • As only a single optical path is available, these are single beam instruments.
  • As with any ground-based optical system, cloud cover and local weather conditions directly influence its effectiveness.
  • Their use to transmit data is referred to as free-space optical communication.
  • An optical signal can be applied to either one of the connected ports.
  • Stars visible through optical aid increase this even further.
  • This allows one to use holography to perform some simple operations in an all-optical way.
  • A much more likely source of explanation is some natural optical phenomenon in our own atmosphere.
  • Similar principles can be used to make other liquid crystal based optical devices.
  • They not only considered optical physics but also the material properties.
  • The eastern Zeiss became well known for its high-quality optical equipment.
  • Its first practical use came in military communication systems many decades later, first for optical telegraphy.
  • The company produced the first optical-quality glass in America during the early to mid-1900s.
  • This optical structure is heated and destroyed after use of the units.
  • Detailed knowledge of the optical system used to produce the image can allow for some useful correction.
  • In later years, optical disc formats began to offer better quality than video tape.
  • When constructed this will be the largest ground-based optical and near-infrared telescope.
  • Optical glass for spectacles has been used since the late Middle Ages.
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  • adjective Of or relating to or involving light or optics
    optical supplies