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  • Over time this meaning has been co-opted and has eventually been changed.
  • Two years of foreign language are required, though many students opt to take more.
  • Students may then opt to continue into further education for two years.
  • Both men and women may opt not to hold a debut at all.
  • The park opted to move in the direction of being only a water park.
  • Students can also opt to do their project at the college itself.
  • However, he opted to stay at the club until the end of his contract.
  • He does not need to act, rather he opts to under-act here and there.
  • Robert opted to live out his final months at their residence there.
  • Brand later opted out of the final year of his contract and became a free agent.
  • With this financial success, he opted to return to his career as an actor.
  • Families may opt out of the school-purchase plan if they purchase their own equipment.
  • The two never played covers, instead, opting to write all of their own music.
  • Users can opt to view the same pictures as their friends in real-time.
  • This would mean the station would be opting-out of a main service based in London.
  • He opted for Northern Ireland, despite having no family connection to that country.
  • Members may also opt-out of this service and receive all messages directly.
  • The widow would not know if the brother would even opt out of the marriage.
  • Cicero himself was co-opted into the college only late in his career.
  • BBC Northern Ireland opts away during the last ten minutes to cover local results.
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