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  • Was it because he refused giving the land to the oppressive government of that time?
  • In summer, there was often no water and the oppressive heat could kill.
  • She wanted to escape the oppressive environment of both her family and the South.
  • He worked there for four years, but found the climate too oppressive for his young growing family.
  • The memory of his oppressive father would appear in several of his writings.
  • Despite being raised in a culture then oppressive to women the Princess continued her music after marriage.
  • The people follow and rise, and the oppressive government in the end is defeated.
  • That year the people of Russia had achieved victory by fighting against the oppressive king.
  • The marriage was not a happy one, and her oppressive relationship with her husband colored her life.
  • Over the next centuries the winning side of this conflict forms an oppressive solar system wide empire.
  • Political songs were written about him, complaining about his failure in war and his oppressive government.
  • In the oppressive circumstances he would not perform for four years.
  • Why pass and continue to pass arbitrary and oppressive laws against them?
  • He started to use less oppressive laws and ruled the kingdom properly.
  • With the water returned to the world as a result, the king's oppressive rule is brought to an end.
  • In the past, the word meant oppressive state of things.
  • The ceiling was designed at in height so the space would not feel oppressive.
  • The authority complex is indeed a feature that can be widely observed, perhaps especially so in men whose father was oppressive or powerful.
  • The squares create oppressive rules that make it difficult for lower groups to advance.
  • His works of art appeared oppressive and dark in shade of color and mood in these years.
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