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  • They are pretty opportunistic, however not to the point that they would use any means available.
  • What counts more is that so many people think of him as opportunistic.
  • Thus his relationship in public to Christianity - indeed his relationship to religion in general - was opportunistic.
  • They are thought to be highly opportunistic and take some of their prey directly off the waters surface.
  • They believe that the self-interest based, opportunistic approach to ethics will always fail.
  • That is not to say they won't eat other objects, as they are a very opportunistic group.
  • The report states that they were mostly opportunistic, although child grooming was involved in some cases.
  • Although some species only live in very narrow environments, most are opportunistic and can live under a wide variety of conditions.
  • The nearby male simply provides the opportunistic female a ready source of nutrition.
  • In opportunistic fashion, much of that training came from other units' funding.
  • He has also been criticised as being opportunistic because of this.
  • This distribution led to a more open and opportunistic economy, and eventually to long-term prosperity.
  • The second matter, that of financial indemnities, was far more opportunistic than the first.
  • It had no political ideology, but served the personal interests of its opportunistic leaders.
  • It is an opportunistic approach which uses resources whenever they are available.
  • During the war there was some opportunistic trading with American ships.
  • Breeding is opportunistic, depending on conditions rather than the time of year.
  • This species has been observed to be adaptable and opportunistic in where it lives.
  • Opportunistic income smoothing can in turn signal lower risk and increase a firm's market value.
  • Opportunistic local governors sold and re-sold their support to the highest bidder.
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