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  • Info Opines are low molecular weight compounds found in plant crown gall tumors or hairy root tumors produced by parasitic bacteria of the genus Agrobacterium. more...
  • Throughout most of the tour, Robert opines about the parties he never had.
  • He also opined that the series is "living up to its potential now".
  • They also opined that he fell short on efforts to make state government more transparent.
  • The society has opined on social problems concerning sex in recent years.
  • He also opined Michael had thought he had found the one.
  • And I rather opine that we can't be mean about this. Cited from The Prospector, by Ralph Connor
  • They opined that they were sure she would realise the truth about him in the end.
  • One of the characters presently opines that Nature itself has turned against mankind.
  • The night was so fine I didn't opine It could ever rain or snow! Cited from Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions, by Slason Thompson
  • He also opined that Dan should work on his patient skills to better himself.
  • Many critics opined that this score can be easily used for any Hollywood film.
  • This is as opportunity for the member states to opine on international issues of their concern.
  • This is an opportunity for the member states to opine on international issues of their concern.
  • They opined that son in law is from the family of spiritual head that cannot be the spiritual head.
  • He opined that there were very few radio writers who would be remembered for their literary contributions.
  • Others opine that his acts provide some form of entertainment.
  • I had opined recently on air how I didn't understand the logic.
  • A doctor was called who opined that Welsh had died of a heart attack.
  • But, other scholars opine that there was little reason to reform institutions which largely worked well under him.
  • I opine she threw a big cloak round her and rushed out to the house of some friend. Cited from Vicky Van, by Carolyn Wells
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  • verb Express one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation
    John spoke up at the meeting