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  • The church hall was used to house them before they continued onward the following day.
  • He began to travel to different countries from that time onward.
  • He then accompanied the remaining group of men onward to the Palace.
  • Classic rock is a radio format which plays popular rock music particularly from the late 1960s onward.
  • From the second short Sheep Dog onward he has a son who works with him.
  • It changed the way sets were made from that point onward.
  • From the late 1990s onward, his view seemed to become more moderate.
  • From the 1950s onward, the company introduced a larger number of products.
  • There is evidence of occupation in the county from Stone Age times onward.
  • The 1970s and onward saw new buildings being designed in a modernist style.
  • Despite being one of the six main characters, he appeared less often in the comics in the 1980s onward.
  • From that time onward, the city began to grow at a faster rate.
  • From the ancient world onward, patronage of the arts was important in art history.
  • Lead us onward to our goal Ever for thy fame.
  • They became co-owners of the promotion from that point onward.
  • Characters introduced in the Silver Age and onward lived on Earth-One.
  • From that point onward, first officers were encouraged to speak up if they believed a captain was making a mistake.
  • So, the animals are rewarded with larger parts from then onward, their dreams coming true.
  • The recorded history of this district exists only from the 10th century onward.
  • Some of these moved onward as territory opened up beyond the Alleghenies.
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