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  • There is a long history of ontological development in philosophy and computer science.
  • Children are more likely to have a positive ontological security when the child's parents own their own home.
  • All my life has been a search for ontological security.
  • Ontological security also involves having a positive view of self, the world and the future.
  • He believed that only science was a matter of discovery and saw God as the only ontological necessity.
  • Anything, no matter what ontological category it is from, is a simple if and only if it has no proper parts.
  • However, some have argued that there is an ontological distinction between the past and the present.
  • Once ordered, Kelly moved beyond classification and into the system's ontological structure.
  • It is through this door that ontological belief was supposed to enter. Cited from John Stuart Mill; His Life and Works, by Authors
  • Philosophy proper occupied itself primarily with ontological questions -- questions as to the origin and constitution of the material world. Cited from Christianity and Ethics, by Archibald B. C. Alexander
  • Therefore, if humans cannot fully conceive of God, the ontological argument cannot work.
  • This debate concerns the ontological status of concepts - what they are really like.
  • Music is in his texts had ontological priority over all other arts.
  • A few words must be added on the ontological bearings of our argument. Cited from Essays on Education and Kindred Subjects, by Herbert Spencer
  • Its ontological status is that it is a physical object.
  • The model is heuristic rather than ontological, and is an aid to better understand the process.
  • In others, it can mean have a specific ontological sense (see world disclosure).
  • Ontological hermeneutics does not attempt to reduce humans down into easily studied creatures.
  • It is very closely related to the ontological paradox and usually occurs at the same time.
  • One says the legal doctrine has an ontological commitment to non-singular individuals.
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Meaning of ontological

  • adjective Of or relating to ontology
    ontological speculations