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  • One bedroom was to the south of the main living area on the first floor.
  • And each of the three big families had expected to have at least one bedroom. Cited from The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse, by Arthur Scott Bailey
  • There's one bedroom half the size of this and two small ones. Cited from Who Cares?, by Cosmo Hamilton
  • Indeed, there was only one bedroom ready for us when I arrived. Cited from Station Life in New Zealand, by Lady Barker
  • Two students share a studio layout while three students share a one bedroom.
  • The two six-story buildings will include studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.
  • Another large one-bedroom apartment occupies what would have been the living floor.
  • Despite a fire in one bedroom in the 1970s, the house was quickly restored.
  • Two girls share one bedroom and a bathroom with the next two students down the hall.
  • Except in the case of one bedroom all the windows on that side of the hotel were in darkness. Cited from A Laodicean, A Story of Today, by Thomas Hardy
  • They move into a one-bedroom apartment, and the children become worried again.
  • There are also a limited number of one-bedroom apartment units which accommodate two students per unit.
  • The sitting-room opened into the hall also, so that it was not necessary to pass through one bedroom to reach the other. Cited from Elsie's Kith and Kin, by Martha Finley (aka Martha Farquharson)
  • One of the unique features of the mansion is that it contained only one bedroom.
  • There was a fire in one bedroom in the 1970s, but the house was quickly restored.
  • The homes listed range from one-bedroom apartments to town houses and boats.
  • Most rooms are one bedroom apartments, with two students each living in one bedroom.
  • He raised his three children alone for four and a half years in a one bedroom apartment in Hollywood.
  • Three quarters of the units were to have only one bedroom.
  • As a dwelling, a one-bedroom apartment had been made available to him.
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