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  • Onboard, she also did not look like other commercial vessels of the time.
  • It can also be used to provide a small amount of electricity to the onboard control systems.
  • All of the eleven onboard instruments operated as expected and all data was acquired.
  • He returned to sea duty onboard after a series of postings to shore-based stations.
  • On average, over one million visitors have been welcomed onboard every year.
  • Later that day, the Dutch Royal Navy returned the crew and fighting broke out onboard.
  • For the duration of the games the general public are allowed onboard for a free tour.
  • Each vehicle also features an onboard closed-circuit TV security camera system for increased passenger safety.
  • Deployed teams onboard ships at sea were composed of one officer and two enlisted men.
  • Together with the two onboard network cards the system had four network interfaces.
  • The attached Marine force onboard was transferred to the US naval ship shortly after that.
  • This was done by an onboard computer which used a camera built into the forward and rear of the car.
  • Various kinds of small-arms as well as other man portable weapons are also carried onboard each of the ships.
  • Onboard equipment can generate of fresh water every day, of which will be used aboard during the same period.
  • Cardbus audio may still be used if onboard sound quality is poor.
  • Every person onboard had the right to buy, bring home goods and sell them back in Sweden.
  • This activity was shared with the world when the onboard television tape was played to the control center later that evening.
  • Various types of onboard train toilet facilities may also be provided.
  • One of two onboard cameras malfunctioned, however it sent back more than two thousand images.
  • Onboard ships they are typically stacked up to seven units high.
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