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  • I was on signal watch on the aft bridge and could see everything. Cited from Young Peoples' History of the War with Spain, by Prescott Holmes
  • When already in use as research vessel, a wheel house was built on the aft deck.
  • He went on deck and discovered that the ship was breaking in two, he being on the aft part.
  • The large black structure on the aft portion of the vessel is a car elevator.
  • Two of the guns were mounted on the forward deck, two on the flying bridge and two on the aft bridge. Cited from The Emma Gees, by Herbert Wes McBride
  • An hour later the hull broke in two and the crew congregated on the aft part.
  • Then they saw the lights on the aft end go out so that the silhouette of the ship remained barely visible.
  • All engine accessories are mounted on the aft end of the engine under an engine tail-cone.
  • The vessels are armed with machine guns and they mount a firefighting water cannon on the aft fly bridge.
  • Then my friend continued his observations as we stood there on the aft deck watching the white waves break, glorious with phosphorescence. Cited from Soldier Silhouettes on our Front, by William L. Stidger
  • A small cabinet on the aft end of the deckhouse held a compass and signal light.
  • Author and the cook on the aft of the houseboat after all the dangerous rapids had been passed. Cited from Across China on Foot, by Edwin Dingle
  • The forward conning tower had a forward face of that thinned down to on the aft section with a roof.
  • The oil recovery equipment is visible on the aft deck.
  • Due to their roughness the solar cells were only mounted on the aft two-thirds of the wing's upper surface.
  • All Akulas have two T-shaped doors on the aft bottom of the hull, on either side.
  • At the same time Ted climbed up from the engine room on the aft deck, followed by four of the German prisoners. Cited from The Brighton Boys with the Submarine Fleet, by James R. Driscoll
  • Four hours later, the radio station received a short message, where Mermoz reported that he had to cut the power on the aft starboard engine.
  • Alley was also an actor and singer who performed on the AFT stage for 20 consecutive seasons.
  • The anti-aircraft guns were controlled by a simple rangefinder mounted on the aft superstructure.
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