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  • They feed on aquatic animals and insects they can find and capture.
  • They are also more aquatic and feed more on aquatic species.
  • Donna caused a significant negative impact on aquatic life in north Florida Bay.
  • Most of the earliest empirical evidence for priority effects came from studies on aquatic animals.
  • Little is known about MCHM's potential effects on human health, nor about its effects on aquatic environments.
  • It feeds largely on aquatic life, which it finds by sweeping its bill from side to side.
  • A biological criterion is based on aquatic community which describes the number and types of species in a water body.
  • There is conflicting research on the effects of the oil sands development on aquatic life.
  • Howard taught a number of graduate students who worked on Aquatic Fungi.
  • The great mastadon was a species of elephant living on aquatic plants, and reaching the height of twelve feet. Cited from An Expository Outline, by Anonymous
  • The effects of mercury on aquatic environments are very complex and create a number of health and safety risks.
  • Little is known about this animal's specific ecology and habits, though they are known to feed mainly on aquatic prey.
  • This research program aims to reduce poverty and improve food security for people whose livelihoods depend on aquatic agricultural systems.
  • They feed variously, on aquatic or marine plants, small fish, molluscae, or dead bodies. Cited from The Book of Household Management, by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  • Adults of the species feed primarily on aquatic plants.
  • They usually feed on aquatic insects, small fish, and fruits.
  • Many fishkeepers create freshwater aquascapes where the focus is on aquatic plants as well as fish.
  • Smith authored several books on aquatic coaching and the mechanics of play.
  • Their eggs are adhesive and are attached on aquatic plants in small patches.
  • They feed on aquatic animals and nest on a floating platform of vegetation.
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