older generation

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  • They were people of a certain age -- of an older generation than his. Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, V3, Martin Anderson Nexo
  • Indeed the older generation is not going to do it for them. Cited from Men, Women, and God, by A. Herbert Gray
  • Because of this, the name has become associated with an older generation throughout the region.
  • It is spoken only some of the time by some of the older generation.
  • It is most likely being used more by the older generation.
  • When has it happened before that the older generation holds up the hands of the young? Cited from Golden Lads, by Arthur Gleason and Helen Hayes Gleason
  • There are several reasons as to why the older generation has been affected so much.
  • In this case, the younger generation may not be able to support the older generation.
  • Currently some women still wear them on a daily basis especially by the older generation of women.
  • Besides the older generation, he had friends also among the younger. Cited from A History of Roman Literature, by C. T. Cruttwell
  • As for the older generation, what actually is it, and who in reality are they? Cited from Essays in Contemporay Criticism, Harry S. Canby
  • As for the older generation, I fear it is too late to do much with it. Cited from Round the World, by Andrew Carnegie
  • Now young people are again building homes and so are the older generation in their retirement years.
  • The older generations still live up in the villages along with their history and old stories.
  • There are other reasons that the older generation is having a difficult time finding work after being laid-off.
  • The older generation workers often require more benefits from the company due to their age.
  • They often represent an older generation and earlier historical period.
  • Especially by those of an older generation, or in very remote areas.
  • The Swedish language can sometimes still be heard in the older generation.
  • Was his father just part of an older generation whose ideas had lost their relevance?
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