oftenest at

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  • The stern aspect of life from which his nature craved escape met him oftenest at home. Cited from The Story Of Kennett, by Bayard Taylor
  • His voice was loudest and his head oftenest at the window. Cited from Birds and Bees, Sharp Eyes, Etc, by John Burroughs
  • But it was she who was oftenest at fault, his forgiveness was so dear to her. Cited from Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard/Eleanor Farjeon
  • Huge rafts launched on the headwaters of the stream in the mountains in the eastern part of the state came in great numbers down the river, but oftenest at this time of the year. Cited from The Guns of Bull Run, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • It was oftenest at this point, that I toiled and struggled back, over and over again, to seek once more the lost events of the End, through the events of the Beginning. Cited from Basil, by Wilkie Collins
  • It was not always -- although, unfortunately, it was oftenest at critical moments -- that she was beset with this inability to see more than one side of a subject at a time. Cited from Ideala, by Sarah Grand
  • It was oftenest at this point, that my restless memory recoiled before the impenetrable darkness which forbade it to see further -- to see on to the last evening, to the fatal night. Cited from Basil, by Wilkie Collins
  • Clemens was oftenest at my house in Cambridge, but he was also sometimes at my house in Belmont; when, after a year in Europe, we went to live in Boston, he was more rarely with us. Cited from Of Literature--Entire, by W. D. Howells
  • But for a time speech was impossible, and the poor girl wept with a despairing vehemence sad to see, till their gentle efforts soothed her; and, sitting by Pauline, she told her trouble, looking oftenest at Manuel, who stood before them, as if sure of redress from him. Cited from Pauline's Passion and Punishment,L. M. Alcott