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  • Like many of her other pieces, Offertorium contains religious elements.
  • I got back the offertorium punctually, having desired that it should be returned first. Cited from The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, V.1.
  • Offertorium is thus an example of a piece crafted both for and from the person to whom it was composed and dedicated.
  • He composed mainly liturgical music, including the Offertorium of the Messa per Rossini.
  • The piece, sometimes named an Offertorium, was published in Vienna in 1867.
  • Mozart added the subtitle Offertorium, mentioning the intended use during the offertory of a church service.
  • I lent him the mass in F, and the first of the short masses in C, and the offertorium in counterpoint in D minor. Cited from The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, V.1.
  • Gubaidulina became better known abroad during the early 1980s through Gidon Kremer's championing of her violin concerto Offertorium.
  • She then dances two pas de deux with different men during the Offertorium and the Sanctus, returning to comfort a young woman during the Agnus Dei.
  • The story of Offertorium's commission began with a chance conversation between the composer and Kremer, of whose playing skills Gubaidulina was an immense admirer, during a cab ride they happened to share.
  • Nor would the Emperor let him depart without a further sign of royal favour, for he was commanded to write a Mass, an offertorium, and a trumpet concerto to celebrate the dedication of a new chapel in the city. Cited from Story-Lives of Great Musicians, by Francis Jameson Rowbotham
  • The Offertorium is sung during the bringing of gifts to the altar, corresponding to the Gregorian Offertory.
  • The request stuck in the composer's mind, and from that chance encounter, Offertorium was born - even though Kremer's whirlwind success, and the permission he had received to play outside the Soviet Union for two years, soon led him to forget all about it.
  • Two movements from it (the "Offertorium" and "Benedictus") I have transcribed for the piano, and these may be bought separately, which will be an advantage to the publisher. Cited from Letters of Franz Liszt Vol 2, From Rome to the End
  • The motet was first performed on 12 May 1861 as Offertorium of a mass in the Linz Cathedral (now the Old Cathedral).
  • The offertory (from Medieval Latin offertorium and Late Latin offerre) is the part of a Eucharistic service when the bread and wine for use in the service are ceremonially placed on the altar.
  • The piece, sometimes named an Offertorium, was published together with Tota pulchra es by Emil Welzer in Vienna in 1867.
  • The prospects for a performance of Offertorium were tenuous, however: Kremer, the person to whom it had been dedicated and given to perform, was at odds with the Moscow government for refusing to return to the Soviet Union at the end of his two-year period of permission to perform worldwide.
  • The injurious opinion of the nobility, which these people hoped to excite against the young musician, had no success; for he composed a Mass -- an Offertorium -- and a Trumpet Concerto for a Boy -- which were performed before the whole court, and at which he himself presided and beat the time. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 14, No. 395
  • The text for the songs comes from the poems Offertorium and Introit by the contemporary Polish poet Marek Skwarnicki (1930-2013).
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