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  • After the ceremony we heard mass and contributed to three distinct offertories. Cited from Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete, by John Symonds
  • Most of the works are comparatively brief, occupying no more than a page of music; the offertories average two pages.
  • Even in the eighteenth century, church offertories in England were asked and given to loose captives out of prison. Cited from The Age of Erasmus, by P. S. Allen
  • Some Offertories also include extended melismas of a style not found in any other chant or chant tradition.
  • Offertories at the principal Sunday services are donated to local charitable organizations.
  • He that is intrusted with our precious souls may much more be intrusted with the offertories of faithful people. Cited from Literary Remains, Vol. 3, by Coleridge
  • Through weekly offertories and donations, and fund-raising in America, he led a campaign to raise sufficient money and loans.
  • Two were paid for by special offertories, and the rest were finally given by Mr. Keble, as the sums came in from his published writings. Cited from John Keble's Parishes, Charlotte M Yonge
  • Among his compositions written for the chapels needs were two complete sets of vespers, many graduals, offertories, and four orchestral masses.
  • Offertories are sung during the offering of Eucharistic bread and wine.
  • Offertories before this altar were made by members of the Forest Service who have San Giovanni Gualberto as their patron saint.
  • They consist chiefly of church music, 17 masses, besides litanies, motets, offertories, etc., being among the number.
  • These offertories varied from the simplest, such as milk and fruits, to the costliest, such as gold and jewels. Cited from India: What can it teach us?, by F. Max Muller
  • The losses are particularly striking in vocal music, with all 11 known operas and 24 offertories missing.
  • His church music, consisting of six masses, many offertories, and the great "Hallelujah" of Klopstock, is still performed in Germany. Cited from The Great German Composers, by George T. Ferris
  • I take great exception to your statement that the offertories both in the morning and in the evening were sent by me to Father Rowley regardless of the wishes of my parishioners. Cited from The Altar Steps, by Compton MacKenzie
  • They regularly adorned their pew in the parish church, were liberal at offertories, exerted themselves, not without expense, in the Sunday school feast, and the like. Cited from A Life's Morning, by George Gissing
  • Some Old Roman Offertories used a repeating neume called the torculus, such as a repeating pattern of the notes D-E-C.
  • Among his works are holy masses, offertories, duets, madrigals, litanies, motets and magnificat.
  • How well they all sang -- how beautiful was the service of those young voices, and what praises were showered upon them for their work by the congregation for their anthems, chants, hymns and offertories! Cited from Sixty Years of California Song, by Margaret Blake-Alverson
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Root form of offertories is offertory for the noun.

Meaning of offertories

  • noun The offerings of the congregation at a religious service
  • noun The part of the eucharist when bread and wine are offered to god