of cleansing

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  • The labor and cost of cleansing the city in this way must be very great. Cited from North America, Vol. 2, by Anthony Trollope
  • The woman goes through a process of cleansing her home and body through African traditions.
  • Here is the first equipment then for the work of cleansing. Cited from The Life of the Waiting Soul, by R. E. Sanderson
  • In the first place, the facility of cleansing will be greatly increased. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 331, May 1843, Vol. 53
  • It was as though he were going through a sort of cleansing bath. Cited from Burning Daylight, by Jack London
  • But for every one of them, as for the universe, comes the day of cleansing. Cited from Paul Faber, Surgeon, by George MacDonald
  • Just why this particular color of cleansing cloth was recommended is not quite clear. Cited from Old-Time Makers of Medicine, by James J. Walsh
  • But bathing is of much greater value than simply as a means of cleansing. Cited from A Handbook of Health, by Woods Hutchinson
  • The king then set himself to the task of cleansing the land from idolatry.
  • It is capable of cleansing a person immediately of all his sins. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 4
  • The move was widely perceived as a way of cleansing the higher ranks of the officers appointed by previous right-wing governments.
  • I think this kind of cleansing helps with your natural rhythm.
  • Such practice does not allow Nature to carry on her work of cleansing and repair and to attain her ends. Cited from Nature Cure, by Henry Lindlahr
  • Christ is still performing His miracle of cleansing the hearts of men of evil. Cited from Studies in the Life of the Christian,Henry T. Sell
  • There need be no confusion as to the manner of cleansing. Cited from The Heart-Cry of Jesus, by Byron J. Rees
  • Another common practice is the use of eggs as a form of cleansing or to remove the Evil Eye.
  • He also found new uses for many of the old structures, and turned the former sewage canal into a method of cleansing the site.
  • Water was consecrated under the stars and with all manner of cleansing substances.
  • Their destruction was a measure which arose simply out of despair of the possibility of cleansing them. Cited from Prolegomena, Julius Wellhausen
  • Could we ever have come to know good as thou knowest it, save by passing through the sea of sin and the fire of cleansing? Cited from Unspoken Sermons, by George MacDonald
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