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  • Another important line of research on race takes the form of audit studies.
  • Typically, only major problem areas will be covered during this type of audit.
  • In the following year, he is also appointed as the Director of Audit.
  • I have almost finished up this work of auditing and clearing the estate. Cited from Bohemian Days, by Geo. Alfred Townsend
  • The council also has a court of audit and four standing committees.
  • An appeal officer will make a decision independent of audit.
  • The date of the document must not be later than the date of audit work completion.
  • They are appointed by the President of the Court of Audit for a term of nine years.
  • Because of auditing trail and fail-safe needs, the problem is more complex than it sounds.
  • He has written extensively on the subject of audit and public oversight in government.
  • The princess went back to her accounts, but no amount of auditing made the sum they had saved any larger. Cited from The Title Market, by Emily Post
  • Some states have established state systems of auditing county finances. Cited from Community Civics and Rural Life, by Arthur W. Dunn
  • Did he mistake when he acted in the Board of Audit? Cited from Lights and Shadows of New York Life, by James D. McCabe
  • No payment can be made without the approval of the Court of Audit.
  • The Court of Audit is divided a French-speaking and a Dutch-speaking chamber.
  • After the war he became the first President of the Austrian Federal Court of Audit.
  • All failed and successful authentication attempts must be logged, and all access to information must leave some type of audit trail.
  • The organization of audit firms has been a subject of debate in recent years on account of liability issues.
  • If the ruling shows a deficit the officer has to appear before the Court of Audit.
  • They are head of the Department of Audit and Control.
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