of armored cruisers

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  • The new design was completely different from the three previous types of armored cruisers in Imperial Russian service.
  • After the rest of the fleet retired later in the month, the pair of armored cruisers remained in the area to attack Turkish communications facilities.
  • Only a small number of armored cruisers survived these limitations, though a handful saw action in World War II.
  • The Scharnhorst class was the last traditional class of armored cruisers built by the Imperial Navy.
  • The was the lead ship in the Ibuki class of armored cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • Beginning with the in 1898, it had laid down or was planning seven classes of armored cruisers, a total of 35 ships.
  • Between 1899 and 1905, seven classes of armored cruisers were either completed or laid down, a total of 35 ships.
  • The Atlantic Ocean, with coral in hair and seahorses in her hand, riding on the back of an helmeted fish, suggestive of armored cruisers, etc. Cited from Palaces and Courts of the Exposition, Juliet James
  • Even before HMS Invincible was built, questions arose in US Navy circles about the overall effectiveness of armored cruisers such as the Tennessees and what kind of ship might be built to replace them.
  • Still, these changes were made with the stipulation that the total price of the new naval program not exceed the original limit, so the increase in battleship tonnage was bought with the previous elimination of armored cruisers and decreasing the number of destroyer-type warships.
  • As a result of Amalfis sinking, sister ship Pisa and the other pair of armored cruisers at Venice rarely ventured out of port for most of the next year, and were eventually transferred to Valona in April 1916.
  • The performance of the Japanese armored cruisers during the Battle of Tsushima and that of Nisshin in particular was such that it led to a burst of construction of armored cruisers in the world's navies and also directly led to the battlecruiser designs that were shortly to follow.
  • First Sea Lord "Jacky" Fisher, an advocate of armored cruisers as more useful than battleships to safeguard British trade and territorial interests, saw his efforts justified; his belief that "speed is armor" would lead him to create the battlecruiser.
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi was the lead ship of the Giuseppe Garibaldi-class of armored cruisers built for the Regia Marina in the 1890s.