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  • Oddly, the one run he gave up in the game did not come on the hit.
  • His mind had lost track of time, but, oddly enough, his body had not.
  • Oddly the video continues for over a minute longer than the song.
  • Oddly, those were the only two games in his career in which he hit two or more home runs.
  • Oddly, it has no church but a small town hall with an adjacent meeting room.
  • Oddly enough, almost all versions are silver rather than the original golden-bronze colour.
  • These are often oddly shaped so they can be used for both of the training aspects.
  • Oddly, the architect is unknown, despite original plans for the house being available.
  • He caught everything that was important to me as an actor on film and oddly enough used the lot.
  • Oddly enough, his talk almost always ran on military matters. Cited from Good Old Anna, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • Oddly, he did not comment on his re-election the same year to the present day.
  • In this way the church acquired its present oddly-shaped look.
  • Oddly enough, although the note was written in perfect English, it was not signed. Cited from The Red Cross Girls with the Russian Army, by Margaret Vandercook
  • Oddly, the one loss may have been his best pitching performance of the season.
  • Oddly, the police almost seem to have been expecting him and already know who he is.
  • Frank or Ernest oddly asked if she was who he thought she was.
  • There was a European culture already in place, oddly enough, not an American one.
  • Oddly enough the same wasps appear later in the game, despite having been shot dead near the beginning.
  • Oddly, this album featured instrumental-only versions of the first four songs.
  • Oddly, McSween in effect lost his primary but won his general election without opposition.
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