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  • Even in countries not associated with either standard mentioned above the red octagonal stop sign is often used.
  • It was originally a private station, and features a unique little octagonal waiting room.
  • It is in used condition and has been cut in an octagonal shape.
  • Only the octagonal church is left from the late roman church.
  • The church was originally a small octagonal building and later extended.
  • The south-west tower is octagonal, while the three other towers have a square ground plan.
  • Workshops and service buildings around the edge gave the overall site an octagonal shape.
  • At the east end of the gallery wing is the octagonal library tower.
  • The medal was of octagonal shape and featured the arms of the city of London.
  • These stone structures were usually built in circular, square and occasionally octagonal form.
  • The two buildings were built with brick; the octagonal water tower is tall.
  • This junction, one of the city's most important, is named for its octagonal shape.
  • It features eight round and octagonal towers, while the last is square.
  • They are usually octagonal, instead of round, in order to provide a better grip.
  • This temple is faced towards east and its entrance is octagonal.
  • Most were round, but they are also found in square, heart or octagonal shapes.
  • Within the central idea of the octagonal plan, these houses show a wide variety of both construction and outward form.
  • The church has an octagonal shape and has a church tower which is leaning to one side.
  • The crown does not have a round shape, but an octagonal one.
  • The ticket hall beyond is octagonal with a central roof light of the same shape.
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