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  • However, it only rarely comes into contact with people due to its oceanic habits.
  • Though covering a vast area, Oceanic languages are spoken by only two million people.
  • As an oceanic island, this island has never been connected with any other islands or the mainland.
  • With the start of long oceanic sailing also large ships developed.
  • A special case occurs for the highest point on an oceanic island or continent.
  • Taiwan also has succeeded in keeping relations with about half of the small Oceanic island nations.
  • Most other areas of the sea are of oceanic origin.
  • The word shore is often substituted for coast where an oceanic shore is meant.
  • Their habitats even include small oceanic islands with no human inhabitants.
  • The North Pacific is the northern portion of the Earth's largest oceanic division.
  • A short distance from the Yellow Sea, it takes on certain features of an oceanic climate.
  • The effect would have been similar to that seen in Earth's oceanic ridges.
  • This has enabled them to colonize a wide range, including many oceanic islands.
  • It was the fourth trans-oceanic ship to have been found in the area.
  • Another factor relatively recently discovered to play a significant role in oceanic primary production is the micronutrient iron.
  • There are two main types of islands: continental islands and oceanic islands.
  • Throughout recent history, there have been many attempts to measure, record, and study oceanic alkalinity.
  • Many of the original crew also continued to serve in "Oceanic".
  • This is due to the high influence of the oceanic mild air that can blow at these regions.
  • They also occur on a number of oceanic islands.
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  • noun An eastern subfamily of malayo-polynesian languages
  • adjective Relating to or occurring or living in or frequenting the open ocean
    oceanic islands like Bermuda, oceanic currents, oceanic birds, pelagic organisms, pelagic whaling