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  • Info The occult (from the Latin word occultus "clandestine, hidden, secret") is "knowledge of the hidden".
  • His occult experiences began when he was about five or six years old.
  • More and more, she wanted to believe that he had occult powers and could do anything.
  • This class is very different from the others and could also be described as an occult.
  • He is described simply as an individual with an interest in the occult.
  • Ever since he was little he was curious about occult subjects.
  • His occult interests were kept secret during his years in office, and only became publicized later.
  • Victoria has only ever been observed to occult a star thrice since its discovery.
  • He goes to her home so she can tell his fortune, and she impresses him with her occult knowledge.
  • These books are often read as authoritative by those interested in the occult even today.
  • In some respects the novel could also be considered a part of occult and spiritual writing.
  • Nysa has so far been reported occulting a star three times.
  • Many of these associations have since spread throughout the occult community.
  • Desperate, Alexander came up with the plan to use his knowledge about the occult to save his sister.
  • Their religion may be based on dark pagan, left hand path and occult traditions.
  • I get influences from my own life and experiences amongst the occult.
  • Both occult groups had a grade system somewhat similar to the Solar Temple.
  • He saw a voice-operated typewriter and other occult and technical power.
  • When he was in high school he became associated with a girl whom he knew to deal in the occult and covens.
  • She began studying opera and the occult, following in her family's secret society footsteps.
  • His book Occult Invasion is dedicated to this area, while several other books mention it in part.
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Meaning of occult

  • noun Supernatural practices and techniques
    he is a student of the occult
  • verb Become concealed or hidden from view or have its light extinguished
    The beam of light occults every so often
  • verb Hide from view
    The lids were occulting her eyes