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  • Support for this project was obtained from all parties in the local parliament.
  • A young man who obtained this job was expected to become a very important official.
  • He found his own passage back to Scotland, and eventually obtained another position.
  • Formal education was not easily obtained, but he attended school when and where he could.
  • He often also took on other work to obtain money to fund his own films.
  • Late in life she went to college, obtaining a degree in social work.
  • However, they did take the opportunity to obtain free money and weapons.
  • He cannot obtain his food without knowledge of food and of the way to obtain it.
  • It includes information that may be both public and private, obtained from many different public or secret sources.
  • He introduced this result without offering any explanation of how he had obtained it.
  • He began working in the film industry as a child, obtaining bit parts.
  • Often, we want some information about the precision of the mean we obtained.
  • Then the results obtained are compared with the expected results.
  • It is obtained from the first moment that both those conditions exist simultaneously.
  • Often visitors to a city are able to obtain a public library card.
  • There he tried to obtain a position between the foreign representatives and the Japanese government.
  • Some sign languages have obtained some form of legal recognition, while others have no status at all.
  • Signals were obtained between the first and last-named points, a distance of approximately eight miles.
  • Even more word orders can be obtained through the phenomenon of subject copy.
  • He also proposed that fresh water could be obtained by distilling sea water.
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Meaning of obtain

  • verb Come into possession of
    How did you obtain the visa?