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  • In face of obsessive thoughts, we should neither control nor reason them out.
  • She gets obsessive about the role and wants to know everything about her character.
  • Due to this experience, he becomes obsessive over the concept of chance.
  • The film tells the story of an obsessive relationship between a director and an actress.
  • She later ends their relationship due to his jealous behaviour and he becomes obsessive over her.
  • The story ultimately ends in the tragedy so often associated with obsessive love.
  • It could involve pain and has obsessive forms that can destroy the self and even others.
  • Season two begins to deal with character development, including Sheldon becoming more and more obsessive.
  • She carried out four years of exhaustive and obsessive work in theatre.
  • It was during this time that he developed a nearly obsessive interest in botany.
  • Thus he is driven far more by an obsessive need for vengeance.
  • In some episodes, Sniffles has been very obsessive when trying to eat them.
  • She was widely acclaimed by the critics for her obsessive character role.
  • It has been described as "one of the strangest and most obsessive books ever written".
  • Juliane begins an obsessive journey to discover what really happened to her sister.
  • She feels an obsessive love for her sister's husband.
  • Obsessive attempts to secure alliance with England continued, although they made little sense given the prevailing politics.
  • Asher was mainly known for his strong religious views and his obsessive smoking.
  • Unable or unwilling to believe that she could actually love him, he becomes ever more obsessive in his voyeurism.
  • He is slightly obsessive with anything he does.
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Meaning of obsessive

  • noun A person who has obsessions