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  • He was being critical of the obscure language used by other committee members.
  • It is generally regarded as one of his most obscure and difficult works.
  • He was sometimes forced to make his living by singing in obscure clubs.
  • A later addition obscures the south side of the building and part of its east side.
  • He employed an obscure House rule to bring the bill to a vote.
  • Both ends of the channel are obscured, however, so its original length is unknown.
  • A good example is a try that is obscured from view i.e. under numerous players.
  • It soon became apparent that large areas became obscured when significant weather was in the area.
  • Most of the very expensive houses are obscured from view behind old-growth trees.
  • This was largely true but obscured a number of other important issues.
  • First, it obscures the true nature of what in fact are extremely complex problems.
  • It is possible that the whole science of life consists in obscuring the truth. Cited from The Child of Pleasure, by Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • And it seemed like we were trying to be more obscure.
  • The original version of the village's name has become obscured with the passage of time.
  • Its language contains many Greek and Persian words that became obscure over time.
  • Its red eyes are often obscured by its green hair, and its body is somewhat like a white dress.
  • Some claims made about his early life remain obscure.
  • Only major and/or famous cases are listed, there are thousands of relatively obscure former names.
  • She is one of those women for whom a man obscures the landscape. Cited from The Window-Gazer, Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  • An obscure figure in a provincial college, he dropped out of view and taught only occasionally.
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Meaning of obscure

  • verb Make less visible or unclear
    The stars are obscured by the clouds, the big elm tree obscures our view of the valley
  • verb Make obscure or unclear
    The distinction was obscured
  • verb Reduce a vowel to a neutral one, such as a schwa
  • verb Make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
    a hidden message, a veiled threat